An improvised comedy podcast from Middlesbrough comedian Ted Hanky and his trusty sidekick Mala.
Described as “Very Vic & Bob” by many faithful listeners, the podcast features sketch, parody, and plenty of surreal characters and offbeat discussions. Often very rude in content.

*Not for the easily offended*

A Shoe Cake Comedy Production

August 12, 2020

‘Ted Talks’ - The Ted Hanky Podcast - A Dead Posh Horse

Its Episode 58 of 'Ted Talks - The Ted Hanky Podcast' brought to you as always by Middlesbrough's finest flange fondler ... Ted Hanky!


This week Mala introduces Ted to the posh horse he's looking after and Ted reveals some interesting facts about Mala's new "lady friend" ... Gumbo Sue.

Not forgetting the Offshore Boys with another FAB episode where Pybo is buying a new house in Wynyard and we also hear from the Teesside's new crime fighting force of Commissioner Billy Mac and Boro Batman.


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The show contains a fair amount of bad language, adult references, and loads of "you know warra mean's" - (not for the easily offended, snowflakes, ... or sprogs)



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Written and performed by Ted Hanky

Special thanks to Ade Mulgrew for additional writing

Boro Fan TV & Shoe Cake Comedy joint production

Sponsored by The Stop To Edinburgh Comedy Festival and comedy ticket box office



N:B - This is a parody show. Guests are often not real, subjects are often not real, please don't think this is real ... don't be a Doyle.

Characters have been exaggerated purely for comic effect and we bear no malice or ill feeling towards the actual real person. Sincere apologies for any offence caused ... it is meant to be comedy.



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